Saturday, February 27, 2010

Princess and Court


  1. This creeps me out a a good way. Like they've all been beheaded or something. Did you ever see that weird movie, "Return to Oz" and Dorothy goes back to Oz and has to deal with that queen who keeps changing her heads? If you haven't, then nothing I just said right now will make any sense.

  2. This is my 5-year-old little girls dream right here. Yard and yards of satin and silk and lace and beads.

  3. Stella - Shall we examine why beheadings affect you in a good way? No, we shan't. Have I seen "Return to Oz?" No, I haven't. Does what you said make sense? Not completely, but I can picture it. Am I a question talker? Yes.

    Lizzi - There are three or four of these shops within about two blocks of each other. So if you take a family trip to Chicago, go to Lawrence and Kimball and walk west.